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This changed in 1908, when Dale Carnegie recognized there was a need to train salespeople. Public speaking, schmoozing, and gaining attention — the characteristic of extroverts — became desirable. Crowded rooms and small talk are never comfortable for the introvert, yet if you want to pitch yourself and your business, you’re going to find yourself in the midst of both. Know your own strengths and weaknesses, and adapt or make up for them accordingly; with this approach, you’ll be successful no matter how you started out.

In fact, some people are more extroverted than others, so not everyone will be an introvert, while others will be introverts in the future. We want to show you that you are part of the greatest platform out there for introverts to learn how to leverage their natural strengths to succeed and grow. Entrepreneurs need to be successful planners or else their businesses will never grow. Since introverts are comfortable spending long periods of time alone, they’re also comfortable spending time alone to plan out their business’ route to success. Their listening skills are one of the many things that make introverts gifted entrepreneurs.

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They’re energized by meeting people and near-constant activity. Listen to their thoughts and find a compromise that works for both personalities. At the same time, advertising was evolving to show people who were bold and entertaining. It’s interesting how this trend has continued with media coverage. I can’t imagine Netflix filming a series about my quiet days of reading, content creation, or playing with my dogs.

Tips for the Introverted Entrepreneur

When a customer or employee is upset about something, an introvert will listen to them and do their best to understand the other person’s frustration. In fact, a survey of entrepreneurs in the UK found that entrepreneurs were more likely to identify as introverts than extroverts. While only 15% said they were extroverts, a massive 36% identified themselves as introverts.

We just need to spend time alone to energize and recharge. CO—is committed to helping you start, run and grow your small business. Learn more about the benefits of small business membership in the U.S. Introverts tend to process information differently, be more deliberative and care about making deeper connections. Embrace these qualities to become a highly effective leader. But really, you don’t have to be an extrovert to be a success… well, anyone can tell you that.

A quiet, restrained introvert is undoubtedly not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an entrepreneur. However, people frequently feel that entrepreneurs should be outgoing and authoritative. They must be capable of motivating colleagues, customers, and shareholders with the incredible strength of their personalities. This post was all about the best marketing methods for introvert entrepreneurs.

The Emotional Impact of Running a Small Business

While most budding entrepreneurs focus on innovation, long-term success will depend on an entrepreneur’s ability to lead. There are a lot of reasons why introverts make great leaders, seven of which we cover in our article on the topic. Most entrepreneurs know that when starting a business, it’s important to create a product that solves a problem for buyers. Introverts are particularly adept at innovation because of their great observational skills. Because introverts are such gifted listeners, they’re also great at using feedback to improve themselves and their businesses.

Yes, running a business is a great way to build a life around your schedule, but your business doesn’t run without your audience. So why should other introverts consider entrepreneurship? Is it possible that you can have success as an introverted entrepreneur? Below, I’ll get into the ins and outs of the lifestyle, and you can see if it’s for you. Growing up as an introvert, I would have never imagined entrepreneurship would be for me. I thought I would be a therapist and listen to people — which is one of my superpowers as an introvert — or spend the day as a librarian while reading between the shelves.

Introverts think before they act

He surrounds himself with team leaders who complement his strengths, which has enabled him to build Facebook into the company it is today. Warren Buffet, the founder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is one of the wealthiest people in the world and a prominent figure in investing. He’s also known for his level-headedness, intellectual persistence, and critical thinking. He’s introverted by nature but still manages to lead one of the most prominent businesses in the country. Most relationships never get started because no one follows up. Reach out to the people you felt a strong connection with.

Though they may be harder to identify, introverts make up approximately one third to half of the population, or one out of every two or three people. In contrast, extroverts are energized by socializing and solving problems through discussion. These personality dimensions are also typically not all or nothing characteristics. They exist on a spectrum which means that most people fall somewhere in the middle. Your follow-up conversation isn’t a sales consult– unless that’s what the person on the other end wants. People remember those who offer value, whether it’s a recommendation, resource, or even just your time.

  • This will help you establish a routine and establish boundaries to stay focused.
  • That goes a long way in building positive relationships with others.
  • If you are starting without a clear business idea, you can still work toward an entrepreneurial career.
  • If you also have a blog, check out my post all about the 9 best Facebook groups for bloggers to join.

Check out this post, 21 Signs That You’re an Introvert. Easily write a business plan, secure funding, and gain insights. In spite of your best efforts to collaborate in a manner befitting an introvert, you will reach a point where you simply must shun others in favor of alone time. Resist the temptation to see your urge for solitude as a “liability,” and remember that alone time is the air introverts breathe. We’ll be in your inbox every morning Monday-Saturday with all the day’s top business news, inspiring stories, best advice and exclusive reporting from Entrepreneur. Whatever you choose to attend, know WHY you are attending and what you hope to get out of it.

The Introvert Advantage

He enjoys educating people about their rights in a society where legal fine print is creeping ever further into our daily lives. As an entrepreneur, your introversion can be a powerful tool, if used correctly. Here’s what CEOs can do to lead their teams effectively in times of crisis.

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Through out line 501c3 meaningation, GREY Journal, we shine the spotlight on new founders, startups, and all things buzzing to help you get hustling in your day-to-day life. The moral of the story, as an introvert myself, is that we continue to be great bosses. Think of individuals like Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates, who, funny enough, all are introverts. But there is some small and even quiet reason on how to be a success in the entrepreneur world. An example is having a plan and making wise choices in the world of entrepreneurship. There’s a strong misconception that only extroverts can be successful within the business category.

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And running the business does not necessarily mean going onsite; that’s what employees are for. Once upon a time, an entrepreneur had to mind a shop and face all those humans face-to-face. But now we can run online businesses secure in our cocoons and hermit caves. As a career and business coach for introverts, I can agree to the high demand for those things except I’m not sure about transcriptionist. There are now so many ways to use AI for transcription so that might be a tough one.


Even better, there are opportunities to collaborate with clients long-term, which translates to a steady income stream. Since introverts find large social gatherings to be mentally fatiguing, they prefer quality of relationships over quantity. This is beneficial when it comes to business networking. Introverts tend to focus on learning and making connections with the people they meet. This can be more productive than simply handing out a business card to everyone in the room.

  • Neither one of those requires a person to be particularly outgoing or gregarious.
  • So, use your awareness to innovate new products, grow formal relationships, and improve processes.
  • Introverts feel better comfortable in settings where they can be alone.
  • Introverts are passionate about using their big ideas to create something special.
  • Try hosting an event rather than going to a networking event where you may find yourself strolling aimlessly around the room trying to make small talk.

Remember that it’s important to embrace your introverted nature and not to try to be someone you’re not. With time and practice, you can build your communication skills and become an effective entrepreneur. Make yourself uncomfortable, breath and take small steps to grow your skills as a communicator. Business networking can often be a challenging task that introverted individuals usually try and avoid.


Since extroverts like to talk, introverts can be at a disadvantage in meetings. It can feel very unnatural to interrupt a talker and share your ideas. You may need to practice confidently interjecting, “I have a couple of thoughts I’d like to share.” Trust me, most of the group will be delighted to hear you speak. Sadly, many introverts are shamed for being too quiet, too sensitive, or too reserved.

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