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The most important lesson you need to learn is that every single How to find stocks about to breakout has the potential to be a breakout stock. The most important quality of a breakout trader is being present because breakout trades can quickly rise and fizzle out. Your stock screener’s job is to alert you of a price jump and react at the stop loss point you denote. Stock screeners help you sort out the stocks and steer you clear of undesirable markets that aren’t going to develop any viable results. While it would be nice if a quick Google search could tell you the latest breakout trend, this isn’t the end all be all of breakout trading. Increased company interest, increased volume, or an unexpected news story are all events to watch for and incorporate in your breakout strategy.

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A common question is on how to use the MACD indicator to identify a false breakout. In all fairness, the MACD is not the best indicator to identify these breaouts. Indeed, no indicator is perfect for handling such a false breakout. 🧾 Pivot Trendlines and Breaks A script meant to debut and provide an example usage of the Simple Trendlines library using Pine Script’s built-in pivot system. In under 50 lines of code, with inputs, plots, styling, and alerts included we’re able to create trendlines with a breakout system. ▶️ How it works Calculating pivot points helps traders identify…

What is a breakout in the stock market?

The concepts for a short trade are the same as discussed prior, except everything is flipped upside down. There are a couple different ways you can use the Breakouts Module to your advantage. Perhaps the best option is to look for stocks that are both crossing above or below a simple moving average while also trading on higher than average volume. Simply scan on these two parameters, then sort the results by ticker symbol to spot symbols that are breaking out on both price and volume.

The breakout panics complacent short-sellers to buy-cover their positions while simultaneously pulling in buyers off the fence. The heavy volume is a strong sign of conviction as the buying frenzy spikes prices to new highs. This generates an uptrend as prices form higher highs while sustaining higher lows. Very importantly, the prior resistance level should become the new support level. A breakout stock is a company that is trading outside a defined support or resistance level with increased volume. This page lists stocks that are currently trading above or below their 50-day, 100-day, or 200-day moving averages.

The move back above 5900 in June marked the beginning of a breakout, setting a new trend that lasted until October. Alternatively, some traders will wait until the end of the trading period before acting. If a stock approaches $100 multiple times but always retraces, investors will be unwilling to buy it as they are unlikely to make a return.

  • Another idea is to calculate recent price swings and average them out to get a relative price target.
  • That low was finally broken on 6 February when the stock opened below 345.
  • Formations such as channels, triangles, and flags are valuable vehicles when looking for stocks to trade.

Standard Life Aberdeen entered a new channel as the merger between Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management was completed in August 2017. Over the next several months, it repeatedly failed to move beyond the 390 level, while finding support just above 345. Patience is usually the answer to avoiding getting caught out by a fakeout. Instead of hurrying to open a position the moment a stock hits a new level, hold back and wait to see if the movement sticks. Note that the same 20-period timeframe is used for all three indicators to ensure that we’re measuring across a consistent timeframe.

Improving your Strategy for Finding Breakout Stocks

It does not need to be an all-time high, it can be a 52-week high or any other high point that looks significant on the chart. Note that Nvidia stock had just come off a tremendous price run after breaking out from a cup-with-handle base. Nvidia ran up more than 75% from that cup with handle and remained above the 50-day line the entire time, a bullish sign. A screener will help you spot news and social media trends so you can stay on top of pop-culture-spawned breakout stocks. Part of how to find breakout stocks includes knowing why stock prices are moving upwards.

How To Invest After A Follow-Through Day; 3 Breakout Stocks – Investor’s Business Daily

How To Invest After A Follow-Through Day; 3 Breakout Stocks.

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Depending on your trading timeframes, this waiting process can take a substantial amount of time. For example, if you are trading on a 1-minute chart, you just need to wait for a few minutes to confirm this. On the other hand, if you are trading on a daily chart, you should wait for a few days. Also, we see that the price is between the 61.8% and 78.2% Fibonacci retracement level, which is a sign that bulls have just paused.

To determine the difference between a breakout and a fakeout, wait for confirmation. For example, fakeouts occur when prices open beyond a support or resistance level, but by the end of the day, they wind up moving back within a prior trading range. If an investor acts too quickly or without confirmation, there is no guarantee that prices will continue into new territory. However, to identify the best breakout stocks traders are looking at the frequency at which the price touches its support and resistance levels.

Thanks sir , good trading idias for me and best of luck, trend break stredgy is fine idias. They give daily signals to clients especially the beginner to help them build their accounts as they learn. At this point, traders who bought the highs are sitting in the red. When it feels “right” to buy a breakout, it’s usually the worst thing you can do. You feel like an idiot buying the highs only to watch the market do a sudden reversal. Whatever analysis is published on the app is free and for education purpose, no buy and sell recommendations.

A breakout above the Bollinger Band signals a potential breakout. Stock breakouts offer a lucrative opportunity for traders who can identify consolidation patterns. With these four scans, you can use Scanz to quickly and easily find different breakout setups. Keep in mind that breakouts can be finicky, so it’s important to use multiple technical signals to confirm a major directional move before opening a position.

Factors to Find Breakout Stocks

This controls the risk and ensures that one losing trade does not jeopardise the whole account. If it moves just above and then the candle closes below the breakout point, this is not as effective as a stock that surged and closed the period well above the breakout point. A decisive breakout is more likely to follow through in the expected breakout direction. Once the share price is near the prior high, if the price swings start to get smaller and smaller, this means that the size of the price movement is contracting.


Anyone who deals in stock trades should keep an eye on market trends, and breakout stock traders are no exception. By keeping an eye on market trends, you can identify sectors that may experience growth in the near future. Pay attention to areas where demand is increasing, and where there is room for new players to enter the market. If you want to look for stocks that might exceed their resistance level, focus on companies with a competitive advantage. These companies are more likely to outperform their peers, increasing the chance of a breakout.


Below are some of examples of how to identify breakout stocks. In the case of a downside or negative breakout stock, sellers have pushed the price below support. While not all breakouts lead to big price movements, every big price movement will have multiple breakouts, typically starting with an initial breakout. Trading breakouts is an excellent trading strategy that involves buying or selling an asset after a long period of consolidation. Most successful day traders know how to identify these breakouts and ride the new trend until the next trend is formed.

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Why the New Bull Market Breakout Is the Real Deal.

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Using technical indicators instead of multiplication and min/max functions keeps the math to a minimum and can make your consolidation clauses much simpler to follow. In the following example, prices are flat when Aroon Up and Down are below 50, Plus/Minus DI are below 30 and the Slope is near zero. Rectangles are a technical trading pattern in which an asset’s price ranges between two horizontal price points, creating a rectangle pattern.

What are breakout stocks?

Please note that shares and ETFs are only available on a live account. The examples above look at buying a stock when it breaks out above a specified level. There are also potential trades when the price drops below a support level.

  • The trading range tends to have a defined support and resistance level that can be identified with various chart indicators including trendlines and moving averages.
  • With these four scans, you can use Scanz to quickly and easily find different breakout setups.
  • A breakout stock is traditionally defined as when a stock’s price starts to move ahead of the accepted resistance level.
  • Consolidation is characterized as “flat” trading, where prices are contained within an established trading range on relatively light volume.

Most stock screeners allow you to set filters to control the screening process so you can more accurately identify a trend that is in line with your metrics. The stock screener will look at stocks that show this slight movement and then monitor even closer for signs that upward momentum is starting to build. So monitoring these indicators will help you determine if a stock is getting ready to make major price moves. In most cases, a false breakout happens when it happens in a low-volume environment. A common question among many traders is how to avoid a false breakout.

Examples of breakout stocks

It is created by the author Kintro and is designed to help traders identify potential buy and sell signals in the market. The indicator is based on the Exponential Moving Average and uses two different EMAs, one with a period of 20 and the other with a period of 50. The difference between a breakout and a wiggle or headfake is that the breakout sustains its price above the prior resistance level. Usually a breakout will re-test the resistance on a pullback for confirmation. If the price manages to stabilize above the prior resistance, then it becomes a new support level. A successful re-test of the new support instills confidence inviting more buyers into the stock to sustain the uptrend.

Follow Fox on Twitter at @foxonstocksfor more on breakout stocks and market insight. Despite the mundane look of it, the flat base actually reflects hidden strength. Instead of bending lower, like a stock would when forming a cup without a handle or cup with handle, the price holds steady. This action tells you there’s a lot of bullish pressure on the stock to run higher. If you’re looking for stocks to buy, first learn to recognize certain patterns in a stock’s chart.

Also keep an eye out for positive earnings surprises and upward revisions in earnings estimates. As you can see, anything that creates a positive outlook for the company’s earnings can contribute to a breakout. The price decisively broke above the trendline on a long candle that closed near the high of the period. Even though the index re-tested the breakout area, the former area held. Read more in-depth information about essential stock chart patterns​ here. Second, flat bases are typically more narrow than other bases in terms of the percentage decline from the stock’s high to low.

TSLA has always been a volatile stocks due to the short interest it has. Traders who were shorting the stock were forced to cover and buy back their stocks, which helps to drive the stock even higher in a short period of time. Just as important as finding breakout stocks, is knowing when the signal has failed. Alternatively, open a demo account to try out trading without risking any capital. Typically, the most explosive price movements are a result of channel breakouts and price pattern breakouts such as triangles, flags, or head and shoulders patterns.

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Sticky Inflation Shackles Stock Market; Boeing Nears Breakout.

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Now that we are adding a breakout to the scan, we need to make some adjustments. This scan clause builds both consolidation and breakout criteria into a single clause. Today’s trading range size is four times larger than average , which implies that the average size of the trading range prior to today was relatively small . Note that consolidation is relative because some securities are naturally more volatile than others. When scanning, it is best to use percentage comparisons for the range of values over a period of time. Instead of checking whether the trading range spans $3 over the last 10 days, check to see whether it spans less than 4%, as in the example above.

Now you might be familiar with this pattern, and it’s called an Ascending Triangle. All these factors increase the buying pressure — and the market is likely to breakout higher. Whenever the market looks very bullish — it’s usually too late to enter the trade. Because in the short-term, the buying pressure is exhausted and have no more “energy” to push the price higher. The price is moving fast, the candles are bullish, and momentum is in your favor. Breakout trading guarantees you catch every trend in the market — that’s why it’s widely used by Trend Followers, CTAs, and even Market Wizards.

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